Monday, 14 April 2014

Handmade buttons etc.

Buttons by Jenny Stacy
more buttons by Jenny Stacy
 Sometimes people ask if the buttons are made from Plasticine. No I say, they are made from Fimo. But I can understand where they are coming from. 

A lot of people assume they are painted but actually the colours are in the polymer clays already. You can mix colours to some extent or use them separately to make patterns. 

 Making buttons is fun and very creative because you are constantly experimenting, not quite sure how colour combinations and patterns will turn out.

If you want to see me this week come to the shop on Tuesday or Saturday. Because my birthday is on Thursday and I'm away with daughters and son to celebrate it -in Paris! It's their present to me and I plan to enjoy every second! 

I intend taking hundreds of photos to share with you but I may not be able to blog while I'm actually there. So bear with me and Saturday's post should be a good one. 

The shop will be open as usual while I'm away of course it will just be an unfamiliar face behind the counter! Look out for another blog post tomorrow. 

Any suggestions of special inspiring shops to visit in Paris will be appreciated. La Drougerie is already on the list!

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