Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Bits and pieces

Spring flowers
Seeing rag rugs in the shop prompts lots of memories. This one by Ruth Ellacott
Popular needle felted birds by Michelle Green. £29 each.
 This time yesterday saw me painting rag paper (paper with a high cotton content) in the colours of hydrangeas (pale green, pink, pale blue to cobalt blue, lilac etc) and in the shop I cut out petals. I want to have lots of petals to make into jewellery. Paper, protected with layers of matt varnish can, I hope make nice jewellery. We shall see. 

Sheila Barrow visited with four more of her embroidered paintings. Two views across the South Downs and two woodland scenes of the New Forest. As usual with Sheila's work these are pictures I would love to own.  Photo coming! Sheila also delivered lots more of her original art work cards which people love to buy to frame.

One of the artists whose work Amy and I particularly admired at Contemporary Textiles in London is Penny Seume. I am delighted that her lampshades and cushions will be in Handmade Happiness by the end of this week. Contemporary, abstract, tactile - her work has the 'Wow!' factor.

Pam Dew came in yesterday with an interesting cushion she has made. Known for her wonderful quilts and applique work, Pam is now combining her passion for sewing with her passion for cycling. This latest cushion is printed on with bike parts and embroidered bikes. She's also promised earrings from bike parts and possibly necklaces. I have every faith they will be desirable and wearable and only keen cyclists like Pam will recognise the materials she has used!

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