Friday, 28 February 2014

Knitting socks etc.

I have never tried handling four needles for sock knitting. Most patterns require four needles but the Debbie Bliss pattern in her book Baby Knits for Beginners needs only two needles. These socks above are knitted for a three month old. They look a bit big but this may be because I don't always use the recommended wool (above picture) and I knit fairly loosely. I have just made one pink sock but there the wool ran out. I've finished a little white cardigan but want to find nice buttons before I take a picture of it. I've also nearly finished the blue romper. It too looks a bit bigger than I imagined it would look.

Last week I had an order for Golden Wedding invitations. I enjoyed making those. They're all different but I'll show you a picture of the one I like best next time.

I'm also making some unusual jewellery. I hope people like this style. Necklaces but different. Picture coming.

In the meantime the hunt is on for car paperwork. Why am I so disorganised? Today I need to get a new road tax disc. Most people will have car papers neatly in a file marked 'Car'. Not me. Having spent a fruitless half hour looking through papers upstairs I must now look downstairs and then, if no joy look in the shop though I can't imagine why car info would be in the shop... I could do with help from a neat, organised person. Someone who doesn't find paperwork as boring as I do. 

However I did take a baby step towards self-organisation yesterday by attending an hour and a half of yoga. It reminded me of a lot of muscles that don't normally get used and despite getting a leg cramp half way through I intend to go regularly from now on. It's an early morning class which makes you feel chilled out for the rest of the day.


Anonymous said...

Have you got your DVLA Tax reminder letter? If so you can do it on line and not have to find all your paperwork - just type in the 16 digit num ber on the letter. They have all your other details. The disc comes within a day or so in the post.


Chrissy said...

An American friend of mine has knitted me some wonderful socks and I don't think she uses four needles (I might be wrong)...I directed her to your blog which she loves and I know next time she is over we will be visiting so that she can enjoy the whole HH experience. I think those of us who have to be organised at work just have to let go at home...that's my excuse anyway!

jenny said...

Hello Chrissy and Christine.
I found my paperwork and got my disc from the post office en route to work. But thanks for the tip if I can pay with Paypal I'll do that next time. Since being scammed online I'm wary about giving out card details..
I look forward to seeing you in the shop again Chrissy and to meeting your American friend. (When I started writing this blog nearly all the readers were British now nearly half are American.) Thank you for your comforting words!

Anonymous said...

You forgot your french visitor
Tu as oublié ta visiteuse française

jenny said...

Jamais. Bonjour Ghislaine! C'est toi n'est pas?! x

Anonymous said...