Monday, 24 February 2014

Tete a tete

That's what these miniature daffodils are called: Tete a tete
Found in the garden: a bowl of bulbs coming into bloom.
 No, I've not gone all pretentious, but the name of these little flowers does seem appropriate. Head to head, literally, though my computer can't oblige with an accent on the 'a' or the 'e's but also a tete a tete conversation which is what blogging is all about.

Having a shop is a kind of imprisonment. I volunteered to be imprisoned and I never regret it but at the same time I can't take off when I want to and just close the shop. It has to be open when it says on the door that it's open which is every Tuesday to Saturday 10am to 5pm and often it's open half an hour earlier and half an hour later than that. But I did feel a bit twitchy at the weekend when I knew 'Unravel' the all-things-knitting show was on at Farnham Maltings and I couldn't go. True I could have gone on the Sunday but that would have meant not seeing my mother and it's important to me to spend Sundays in her company and to get her out for a breath of fresh air when she spends all week cooped up in a residential home.

Today, Monday is my free day, my me day, my day full of possiblilities and I like it that way.
True I have to do some paperwork in the morning but once that's out of the way I can take off. Maybe Brighton today?

I like to spend some of the time in the shop making and as my desk gets quickly cluttered with whatever I am making I plan to install a little table where the sewing machine can be left out. A real work table so my desk can be left tidy and clear for just wrapping purchases and taking money not strewn with bits of fabric, yarn and knitting needles as it is now. I'll tidy tomorrow. Today - Brighton here I come! 


Vicki said...

Jenny, there are lots of fabulous ideas on Pinterest for work rooms. Just a search on 'sewing room' brings up the most amazing ideas for practical sewing areas in small spaces and they look fantastic too. I have implemented a lot of the ideas in my studio.

Just an idea for your corner of the shop and desk - might be worth a look. Then you can create to your hearts content.

jenny said...

Thanks Vicki. I love Pinterest but I haven't researched 'sewing rooms'yet.Will do.