Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Displaying art in nature

Stones found on Cornwall's beaches at Ruth Ellacott's house
Same stones, different angle. The rug is one of many rag rugs made by Ruth and for sale in Handmade Happiness.
On Monday I went to Chichester to have coffee with my friend Anne, visit Ruth Ellacott and to look at baby clothes in the shops. 

I've written before about Ruth's house. I love the fact that art is everywhere you look. Not just the obvious paintings and etchings, the unusual pottery mugs and colourful jewellery but the bowls of stones, the rows of blue green ancient glass bottles lined up in the window, the shards of sea-washed patterned porcelain and smooth sea glass. Everywhere I put my eye there is something to wonder at and exclaim over! Her house is an inspiration. I was pleased to hear that this year Ruth will be taking part in the Chichester art trail. Not unfortunately in her house but in a church hall along with two other artists.

I looked in several shops that sold baby clothes and sorry but I was disappointed. Maybe I'm a bit old fashioned but I'd rather a tiny baby was a soft white bundle, comfortable and secure. I don't want to see slogans written across his/her clothes. Nor do I want to see bright colours.

 I remember my mother making little nightdresses for my first baby and I was touched that she'd taken the trouble to make them. Now I'm thinking of making little nighties myself. Brushed cotton with a drawstring hem maybe. White but perhaps little rosebuds on the fabric or tiny little cars?  Am I describing something that is actually for sale in one of the shops I didn't go in? Or am I just hopelessly out of touch with what mothers today want? I have started knitting a white cardigan buttoned up to the neck with a simple moss stitch border. It's  in  a soft pure wool that's machine washable - 'Superwash wool' - some things do change for the better!


Anonymous said...

Try The White Company Jenny, gorgeous baby things in there and online.


Nicky S. said...

Brushed cotton nighties sound very romantic, Jenny but... wouldn't they need ironing? Not something new mums have much time for!

jenny said...

Good point about the ironing Nicky.
I'll check out the White Company Vicki. Thank you both for commenting.

Anonymous said...

I absolutely agree with low
maintenance things for babies. As a Grandma of two I saw expensive newborn clothes consigned to the charity shop bags within weeks because they are quickly outgrown. Quality babygrows and jazzy tops seem to be the favorites. Don't waste time and effort on making Jen, quantity and charity shop finds worked best for my 2!

jenny said...

Hi Christine. While I admire your practical approach I don't altogether agree with it.
This will be my first grandchild and God willing, there may be more. To knit for it is my way of expressing love for it and hopefully anything I make for him or her will be passed to other babies in the family in the future...What do other readers think?