Thursday, 12 December 2013

A cute puppy visits

The irresistible cocker-poo - too young to be allowed out of the bag
Lulu (and us) get a closer look
 I had to photograph this tiny puppy. A-dor-able!

There are all kinds of visitor at Handmade Happiness right now. I recognise some of them as regular customers - people who recognise the quality of well-made, handmade in the UK presents.

 I love it when people really look. They spend time examining the virtues of each thing, moving slowly round the shop. They are often creative people who either make things themselves or who collect what others have made, hoping that one day they will have the time to create something beautiful themselves. Or they tell me they haven't a creative bone in their body but they appreciate what others are capable of doing. I never believe this claim by the way. I think everyone is creative but some have unfortunately been put off by a thoughtless comment from a parent or teacher which has dashed their confidence. 

Some people say they are unable to draw. I feel like replying, 'When did you last try?' Because every talent needs time spent developing it. 

There was an interesting item on the radio today about research into how successful artists spend their days. Not sitting about waiting for the muse to descend apparently but in a work routine using their skills whether the muse chooses to visit or not!


Chrissy said...

So true Jenny, on my course we are always being told to draw something every day - not to worry about it and not to feel any pressure to show it to anyone but just to get into the habit of it and to remember the freedom that we had when we were a child!I tried to make something last week which just turned into a disaster which I eventually had to give up on and put it into the bin but I will persevere and learn from the mistakes I made this time!

jenny said...

Hi Chrissy. I agree with practice makes perfect. But also we're our own severest critic. Other people may think that what you put in the bin was good!