Friday, 15 November 2013

Making flower brooches

Red poppy by Jenny Stacy
Big flower brooch by Jenny Stacy
Same flower photo taken under energy saving light bulb!
 These are the flower brooches I'm currently making. I want to do a few more using what I've learned to make better ones. These are made by using my left over bits of handmade felt and felting them into petal shapes (silk) on the embellisher then assembling them and sewing on a felt backing to give them substance.

I get up early and at around 6.30 am I tried taking photos when it was pitch dark outside and, as you can see the artificial light makes a red flower look orange. Maybe some people would prefer orange... but I was thinking of doing some in purple/pink. I would wear that and red of course.


Beverley said...

Just found your blog Jenny having heard about your lovely shop which I've yet to visit. I'm only in Horsham so will make the time to drop by and say hello. In the meantime I'm enjoying reading your lovely blog.

jenny said...

Hello Beverley. I love the look of your woven cloth and hand spun yarns. Looking forward to your visit!