Thursday, 7 November 2013

Needlefelted dogs

Needlefelted lurcher by Michelle Green
Michelle Green's lurcher
 Billy the lurcher came to stay at Handmade Happiness on Saturday. He's a fine dog, needlefelted by Michelle Green, who is already well-known in HH for her realistic needlefelted birds. I am hoping that Michelle will soon be providing other breeds of dogs for Handmade Happiness to foster until good new homes can be found for them.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful dog. He won't be fostered for long, I'm certain, so clever.

Don't let him near any rabbits or deer tho'! The lurcher I walk occasionally is so fast. She killed a squirrrel half way up a tree the other day.


Anonymous said...

Amazing! I thought it was a real dog at first glance!