Monday, 11 November 2013

Reindeers are back

Knitted reindeer by Natasha Rothschild £9.50; wool reindeer by Michelle Green £7-00
Reindeer in lots of colours by Natasha Rothschild.
 Reindeer have migrated back to Handmade Happiness in time for Christmas. There are lots of new items in HH but these are too good to give up. The picture above was taken two years ago and I also love the bird in the window. The bird's maker popped in to the shop on Saturday and I am hoping to have some more of her birds in December. Those birds are another item in the special category.

Really excited about going to London today. It's been a while. That reminds me. Better put the camera on charge!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hope you had a fantastic day shopping.

The reindeer are absolutely gorgeous!!

This time of year is relentless for us makers isn't it. All year I seek inspiration and thrive on it. But currently I cannot cope with it - I am having enough trouble actuating all the ideas I already have!!

Vicki x