Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Birds painted by Vicki Hunt

Wren by Vicki Hunt
Robin painted by Vicki Hunt
Bluetit painted by Vicki Hunt
 Vicki Hunt delivered three of her impressive bird paintings to Handmade Happiness yesterday. She paints on to thick fabric and then outlines the birds in stitch. All three are framed in square white frames and are £75- each. I am proud to have her work in my shop.

I know some of you hate the 'C' word but I am thinking about 'C' a lot at the moment. Can I ask any makers with work in Handmade Happiness to contact me to discuss what new things they intend to make for Christmas. I'd like to have Christmas items in the shop at the end of this month. If you are visiting this week or I've spoken to you in the last week don't worry about contacting.


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