Tuesday, 10 September 2013

New knitted blanket by Kate Box

Blanket by Kate Box hanging in the window of Handmade Happiness
Close up of new blanket by Kate Box
I like the new broken stripe design of Kate's latest blanket. It would make a wonderful present for a new baby or I can imagine it draped over a sofa bringing a piece of modern art into a room.

On my day off yesterday I painted a new shelf unit for the shop. It will hang in the first room and house the stacks of fabric pieces I am selling in the 'to make with' area. Some people love 'bark cloth' others are searching for 1940s fabrics. I hope to have something to appeal to anyone looking for fabrics to make with. The worst bit, for me, is the pile of ironing!!

Yesterday I got an email from a UK firm selling bulk quantities of glitter. This is very good news after my unsuccessful search for nice glitter for the wedding. I do like a bit of glitter at Christmas so I'm off to order some for the 'to make with' area of Handmade Happiness.



Anonymous said...

Hi Jenny
Just a thought (and comes from my Crocodile Craft days) - Are you repackaging the glitter to sell on? What will you put it in? Polythene doesn't work because of the static.

jenny said...

Hi Christine. I've been saving old plastic film pots and empty glitter phials. Thought I'd transfer it to those.