Thursday, 1 August 2013

A pretty skirt

The Brora 100% linen skirt found for £4-95 in Chichester
If I didn't have the lovely shop I'd spend more time scouting the charity shops for bargains like this. I'd like to see my daughter wear it (it's a size 8) but if she doesn't want it, it will have to be made into something exceptional.
I used to meet individuals occasionally who made a living selling their charity shop finds on e-bay but I doubt you could do that now. Now that no-one worries about being seen in charity shops, everyone is looking. Also charity shops have wised up to better brands and mark up the price accordingly. But the odd thing slips through the net ... like the gorgeous Joseph leather jacket I was lucky enough to find a few months back.

I am thinking about embroidery at the moment. When a young teenager I remember painting a picture of big flowers and embroidering it and being surprised and pleased when my mother liked it. I want to learn to do more complicated stitches and use embroidery more for embellishing things. 
Embroidery is small work and portable. Ideal for working on in the shop.
Update: I renewed the BT broadband contract by the way (re: yesterday's post) after negotiating a slight discount. Onwards and upwards!

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