Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Dyeing with avocado and attempting a peony

Tattered white lace after dyeing
Tattered lace with white lace so you can see how subtle the dyed colour is
First attempt at a peony (with shell button). Maybe 4 out of 10?!
I read somewhere that you can achieve a dusky pink with avocado skins. I boiled up one torn skin in water and when I could see colour added the lace and some calico. The effect was subtle - a bit like tea dyeing but prettier and the calico has turned a good skin colour for dolls.

Less successful is the attempt at a peony. It lacks fullness. To make it I tore a strip of fabric about 40 inches long and three inches wide. Then I folded the strip in half, in half again, in half again length ways until there was a bundle about four inches wide. Then the top corners were snipped off and the top edge cut into to suggest ruffly petals.  The whole length was then stitched and pulled to gather it up to about a quarter of its length. Then I wrapped it round my finger, stitching the bottom edges together.

Next time I'll tear a longer strip or stitch two strips together to make a longer length to start off with and then achieve a fuller, more even flower. Hope it looks better. You be the judge!

This morning at the shop Eve Deary who cuts slate boards and hearts is coming in to re-stock and this afternoon Pam Dew is coming in to show us a special quilt she has been making for a customer.
This evening we're making felt bracelets/ buttons / beads.

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