Friday, 12 July 2013

Frank and Janet Higgins make kaleidoscopes

Cathedralscope by Frank and Janet Higgins
A miniature tumblescope and wheelscope Sold by Frank and Janet Higgins
All these kaleidoscopes are works of art by Frank and Janet Higgins.Dreamscope sold.
Oil cell kaleidoscope by Frank and Janet Higgins
A leather bound teleidoscope by Frank and Janet Higgins Sold.
 Handmade Happiness is proud to be a stockist of these handmade kaleidoscopes by Frank and Janet Higgins. Frank, who has  a science background builds them with his wife Janet here in Hampshire.

Since Frank brought them in on Tuesday everybody who comes in the shop is invited to look through them towards the window and marvel!

  Handmade Happiness has nine kaleidoscopes, all different. You look through one and see an ever-changing richly hued stained glass window. You look through another and see a faceted precious mineral - coloured diamonds. 

And what about the simple leather teleidoscope? 
Through this you see everything in front of you broken down into swirling geometric pieces - a quilt maker's dream! And great for children to appreciate the world in fine and entrancing detail.
Come in and see them for yourself!


Chrissy said...

ahhh kaleidoscopes remind me of being a dad and I searched for one for my mum years ago - the leather one really appeals to me so I will be in to see these (if there are any left) as soon as I am next in the area. Another unique gift from HH...well done Jenny for discovering another fabulous maker

jenny said...

Hi Chrissy.I am hoping to have a good stock of these between now and Christmas.

Anonymous said...

I saw these today in the shop. They are absolutely beautiful. Really special.


Amy said...

Ooo, yeah Mum.. like these- really different, even without looking through them, they look like works of art. xx