Sunday, 21 July 2013

Rosamund Fowler's hand printed cards

'Mother duck' wood engraving print card by Rosamund Fowler
Leaping hare. Hand printed card from a wood engraving by Rosamund Fowler
Mother hen. Hand printed card from a wood engraving by Rosamund Fowler.
Spring rabbits. Hand printed card from wood engraving by Rosamund Fowler.
 Handmade Happiness now stocks Rosamund Fowler's cards.

Rosamund is inspired by the countryside of the South Downs. After drawing her design on a specially prepared wood block she engraves it using traditional tools. Each card is then individually printed by hand using an antique Farley Press to produce a work of art signed by the artist. See more of her work at 

Handmade Happiness currently stocks nine different designs. 


acornmoon said...

They are treasures indeed. I love her work, she has such skill.

Anonymous said...

I so admire her work. Woodblock engraving is such a skilled art. Well done Jen for stocking work of one of the best local printers. I am sure they will fly off the display.