Friday, 19 July 2013

Lamp shades at Standen

This pretty lampshade caught my eye
Another blousier 1920s style
At Standen last Sunday I noticed these gathered lampshades. They look quite easy to make. Nowadays we'd perhaps prefer to have something like this in the bedroom rather than the sitting-room. Love the colour of the top one.

Handmade lampshades, handbags, purses - these are things Handmade Happiness hasn't got that I'd like to stock. Mind you I don't think lampshades like those pictured would fit with the look of the shop...

Yesterday Vicky Hunt came in with her bird paintings on denim. These are really special. Come and have a look. Pictures to come.

For the first and I hope only time Handmade Happiness closed an hour early yesterday. I do hope nobody was inconvenienced by this. I had a builder visiting my house to quote for sorting out a few things. He was wonderfully positive and I feel a weight has been lifted!

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