Sunday, 9 June 2013

Lovely Liberty

Old Liberty fabrics I treasure
 The tinier the print the more useful the fabric is in small pieces and the more obvious that it's a Liberty fabric. I have an idea for some Liberty fabric based on what I've been doing with painted silk in the shop this week. I bought sash cord and metal tap washers at the hardware store -  does that give you a clue? It's great to be making again!

A friend posted some pictures on her blog of the Kaffe Fassett exhibition and I realise that if I don't hurry up it will be over and I'll have missed it. So that's what I'm planning for tomorrow. A trip to London.

 Meanwhile today it's a family celebration for my mother's birthday. Presents to wrap and chocolate cake to be put carefully into the car. Did I make the cake I hear you ask? No, Mr Waitrose did. I admire people who bake but I am not one of them - yet. Baking for me belongs in that happy retirement era when the sun will always shine softly through my kitchen window to show me, sleeves rolled, kitchen table scrubbed, pummelling bread dough in a cloud of flour. Bliss.  


Anonymous said...

Ha ha! Retirement bliss quickly becomes filled with caring for grandchildren, elderly mother care, dog walking, visits to GP and rushing to get the space nearest to M&S door (too breathless to walk the length of the car park) to buy those nice and comfy elasticated waist leggings before the larger sizes sell out.

I think I did most of my jam/bread/dress making/yoga/gardening when I was a young mother of two under 3yr olds!
Christine x

Anonymous said...

I remember you baking Jenny when Tim was little, before the girls were born.
Hope your day with your mother was a happy one.
Love Hazel