Friday, 28 June 2013


A necklace I made for Tricot Too
Sometimes I wonder if I'm strange or normal. Like if someone says they'll do something on this day, or in this week I believe them and then feel let down if it doesn't happen. Perhaps in life you just have to accept that people try their best and life sometimes gets in the way of them doing what they've said they'll do.

Anyway what I wanted to write about is makers and Handmade Happiness. I love it when makers come in to re-stock or email if I need more stock and generally stay in touch. It feels like we're part of a good team.  I don't like it when a maker leaves their things and even though they live in the same town or even regularly pass the window, never come in again. I'm not that scary. 

 Two makers that fall into the last category popped in after long absence to tell me about new things they've made which they thought the shop might like to stock. These are people that don't look at the shop or ever buy anything, even a card. So excuse me for showing less than my normal enthusiasm to sell their newly made things for them. (I seem to be saying no a lot more than I'm saying yes lately. Wish I could get out to exhibitions. But I could do more online research...)

I rang Merchant and Mills (yesterday's post) and was told to send my website link and they'd consider me as a future stockist. Minimum order £200. If I really, really wanted to be a stockist I'd do it in the future when this age of austerity has passed. But not now. This week is shop rent week.


Chrissy said...

I wish I lived closer so I could visit Handmade Happiness more often; it is such a unique shop and makers/suppliers should consider it a privilege to have their products stocked by you giving them a chance to show their goods in there. Maybe some of the makers could give up some of their time to look after the shop for you so that you can visit some exhibitions etc in order to seek out new things to ensure the shop is always having fresh merchandise to keep it going. Rent week is the hardest...keep smiling Jenny!

jenny said...

Love you Chrissy. Thanks for your on the nail comment!x