Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Weaving by Helena Greig

Ikat pattern woven by Helena Greig
Beautiful weaving by Helena Greig
One of two looms, and a spinning wheel in Helena's workshop
Silk threads
This linen smock was once a bundle of flax, spun,woven ,pieced, smocked and embroidered by Helena Greig
Yesterday I drove over to the Surrey Guild of Craftsmen shop at Milford, just outside Guildford and met talented textile artist Helena Greig whose workshop is on the premises.

Looms are big. I once saw a weaver who had given up her dining-room to her loom; and Helena has two of them. On the loom you have your warp(threads going one way) and your weft (threads going the other way.)  Can you imagine how hard it must be to do an ikat pattern where the artist dyes the threads herself as well? 

I feel fascinated by the talent of this craftsperson and I am hoping Helena will take up my invitation to have her work in Handmade Happiness.

Two other Surrey Guild members whose work I love are Frank and Janet Higgins who make glass kaleidoscopes. I haven't seen a kaleidoscope for years and these are works of art that would make amazing presents. I was looking through them and leaping up and down with excitement. I look forward to meeting Frank and Janet in Handmade Happiness soon. 

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