Tuesday, 4 June 2013

What I found at Hobbycraft

White fan decorations - excellent value at £2-49 for a pack of 5
I have made this by hand but admittedly this one looks better.  DIY tissue paper pom poms in packs of 5
Here's something I could never do by hand.  Honeycomb ball decorations.
I went to Havant and was pleased to find a Margaret Forster book in the library I haven't read. I also get all the craft books/ decor books I'm interested in and pile them up on the table to flick through and make two piles. No and yes. No books in the yes pile yesterday. I must be getting fussier in my old age.

At Hobbycraft I found some good wedding decorations. I had a good look round - at speed. Too much baking materials, card making materials and  plastic storage boxes. I guess Hobbycraft has changed with the times and gone where the demand is. Trouble is I haven't.

 I want to know that they still stock my Folk Art acrylic paints (they don't) and still have dress patterns (they don't). When you ask for these things the response is always: 'You can find them online.'  But I don't want to buy online. I want to buy things in a shop just like I always have done. The dinosaur in me is complaining again!
I mentioned a few of these points in Hobbycraft's customer survey. (Possible £100 voucher prize.) If I win (!!) I will have no trouble in spending the money on some excellent new craft books...  

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