Thursday, 2 May 2013

Quick and easy bunting

Swirled with watercolour and then written on, this bunting is super quick to make
When I was painting bunting yesterday I made a discovery. Probably you know this already but I found that the faster I painted it and the fewer colours I used the better it looked.

 If you make something fast and with a sense of urgency there's somehow an energy about it that's appealing. For example the first 'd'; second 'a' and 'e' are high energy and the 'n' and second 'd' which I laboured over are low energy. This must apply even more so to painting canvasses...

Did you know that Petersfield library is about to close for two and a half months? You can take out up to 30 books before May 18th. I've worked part time in the library in the past, replacing books. I used to think of it as my work out and do it as fast as I could. Maybe the more energy/ enthusiasm you put in to anything the better the result. Now in the interests of saving money machines are being installed.Fewer staff, more machines. We are kind of designing ourselves out of our own futures.

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