Monday, 13 May 2013

Anticipating London

Tins of biscuits in Fortnum and Masons
Smart stationery
Pink stationery supplies
 I'm meeting my daughter at Bond Street tube station this morning. I'm seeing shops with her today. Selfridges is on the list, Fenwicks, John Lewis and a couple of little shops in Covent Garden. And I'd love to visit Liberty's. I can't wait!

The last time we looked round together was last November when I took these pictures in Fortnum and Masons.  Today I'm on a mission to find hair combs (the sort you use to put your hair up with) that I want to embellish and a simple dress pattern to make womens' dresses from. John Lewis for both of those I reckon.

I need a London 'fix' every now and then...I think the more good stuff you see the better. And if you put a lot of good stuff into that sieve that is the brain then hopefully the stuff you end up making will be all the better for it! Does that make sense?

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