Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Sewing - the new baking?

'Clutch dolls' for small hands by Jenny Stacy
 The Great British Sewing Bee is at 8pm on BBC2 starting on Tuesday April 2nd. It aims to popularise sewing in the same way The Great British Bake Off popularised baking. 

Two expert judges decide which of 8 contestants has been least adept at sewing a skirt or upcycling a top and that person leaves the show. 

It sounds must- see viewing to me and has mucked up my plans to have a drop in and make evening every Tuesday in the shop. What other evening would suit? Wednesday maybe.

With the lighter evenings I figure I'll keep the shop open longer one night a week so anyone can come in with whatever they are in the middle of making, sit round the table and work at it in the company of like-minded individuals. Tea/coffee and biscuits provided and it will be free of charge. You just have to bring yourself and your project - which could be knitting,crochet or maybe sewing?

The 'Happy' cardigans arrived from Alison Dupernex yesterday. Do come in and admire them. I'll show you a photograph as soon as Google Picasa mends itself to allow me to import pics from the camera again.

I joined Pinterest late last night and as soon as I've put together some inspiration boards will have a link in the side bar.

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