Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Keep smiling - and turn the heating up!

A clutch doll by Jenny Stacy
 Picasa is still not importing photos from cameras. I can't tell you the time I have wasted trying to fix it, so sorry but another picture from the archives this morning. It will also remind me to make more little dolls like this.

Yesterday I went to Chichester. After a check up at the dentist I went to Ruth Ellacott's house to collect a rag rug or three for the shop. Ruth lives just round the corner from where I used to live in Chichester and I wish I had known her then. Her house is a treasure trove of found objects - pieces of sea washed broken china and bowls of striped pebbles. Her own art work - rugs, patchwork and beautiful watercolour studies of wild flowers is mixed in with art finds from all over the country - stencilled mugs and old pots that please her artist's eye.
We walked to the new Clothkits store in Chichester. The owner has bought and transformed an old pub, 'The Bush' into a state of the art, very desirable shop premises. Lots of gorgeous fabrics, buttons and of course, Clothkits kits. Definitely worth a visit. The store is at 16, The Hornet, Chichester.

The weather was so biting cold that I didn't linger in Chichester but went on to Midhurst for a quick charity run (visiting all the charity shops). I only found one thing - a bundle of embroidered tray cloths for £2 - I'd show you a photograph IF I COULD Picasa!!! They are so delicately embroidered with little daisies in different colours that I couldn't resist.

Today I'll change the window and re-arrange the contents of Handmade Happiness incorporating the latest ceramics from Kate Hackett I collected yesterday and Ruth Ellacott's  rag rugs. This week I am looking forward to receiving a parcel from Alison Dupernex of her stunning knitwear. 


Anonymous said...

Your friends house sounds wonderful. I'm enjoying these slightly longer pieces you've written over the last few days. It's my little shot of England.
All here are well. I hope the wedding plans are going well.
Love Hazel

jenny said...

Hi Hazel, Amy has very definite ideas on the look she wants for her wedding.Are you on Pinterest? If so you can follow her wedding inspiration boards (and Sophie's) and coming soon(!) mine.x