Thursday, 21 March 2013

A handmade wedding

by Jenny Stacy. One of the wedding invitations I made for a wedding last year.
 Congratulations to my daughter Amy and her boyfriend Jesse who got engaged last night!
Amy wants a handmade wedding and my mind is racing with ideas for helping her to have the prettiest, most memorable wedding with all the details handmade!

I started producing a mood board last night by painting some old lace gold and embroidering little slips of flowers onto soft, handmade paper.
 Will you join me on this wedding challenge? I'd love to hear your ideas  and anything you've seen you've been impressed by. 
The plan is for a September wedding so there's plenty of time to make things. Do not be surprised to see some wedding jewellery/ hair accessories/ wedding-inspired cards/ decorations  spilling over into Handmade Happiness soon!
By the way I've lifted the comment word verification thing for today as I'd like to make it as easy as possible for you to comment if you want to. Thank you. And apologies in advance for the spam that's bound to get through before I can delete it!!


lindsey said...

Congratulations to Amy & Jesse. The only thing I can think of wedding wise, apart from all the usual, are my hand painted & decorated genuine horse shoes.

Anonymous said...

How exciting Jenny. I heard the news on Instagram as I use that a lot.
Ruby had what I suppose you'd call a handmade wedding. It was in our garden and Taylor's sister made all sorts of beautiful and unusual hanging things - sort of bunting using fabric and tassels and bobbles - hard to explain but very original and draped on trees. Then there was a gazebo/tent almost medieval looking, small and open in the front , made with beautiful hanging textiles and strewn with pillows where the happy couple sat unwrapping gifts. I'll send pics. Congratulations!!!

jenny said...

Thanks Lindsey and Hazel for commenting.
Ruby's wedding sounds really interesting, Hazel. I bet it looked great! I'd like to see some photographs ... Hope all is well with you and the family.x

Chrissy said...

Jenny, congratulations on your daughters engagement, you must be thrilled to bits!
How about your fabulous felt flowers for the bouquet and button flowers for the buttonholes?
An idea I saw somewhere was covering jam jars with pages from old books and using these as tealight holders; you can wind wire around the top to hang them or just have them on tables...I will jot down any more ideas and send them through to you.

jenny said...

Thanks for the ideas, Chrissy. Did you go to the Selvedge fair or Country Living? I know the weather is off-putting but I hope you can get down this way soon.x