Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Changing the window etc.

 Today in the Handmade Happiness window is an Easter tree hanging with little Easter decorations, that's in the centre but it's harder than I thought to take a good picture of it. 

To the left in the boxes, top left to right are: a baby's hat knitted  by June Knight for £9-50; Heart jug by Kate Hackett, £18; denim wool wrist warmers with hole for thumb by June Knight, £15.

Middle left to right:  porcelain candle holder with punched hearts pattern by Samantha Robertson, £10; dyed blanket owl and bracelet by Glen Wellstead, £6 each; pretty heart mug by Kate Hackett, £16.

Bottom left to right: long vintage fabric pieces from Penny Baker, £10; four slate coasters by Eve Deary £16; and picture of log candles which are in the lobby at £15.

Today is part two of Pam Dew's hand stitching Applique and Quilting workshop. It's this afternoon from 2-4pm but the shop is OPEN so don't be afraid to come in if you're passing at that time and you can still browse and buy same as usual. Having learned last week how to do applique, this week we'll learn how to quilt our pictures. 
After this workshop I'll  respond to the demand for more but not initiate new ones for the time being. At the moment I have a request for beginners crochet. Anyone else want to learn to crochet on a Wednesday afternoon?

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