Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Eating to live...

Yesterday I discovered www.agirlcalledjack.com  Jack is a single parent who blogs about feeding herself and small son on just £10 a week. She is a fighter who's been through some very tough times and is so likeable that you just want her to live her dream and be totally happy. 

It's her cheap but nourishing recipes that have earned her an enormous following. See what you think.
I remember Rose Elliot's books 'Not just a load of old lentils' etc offering cheap nutrition for would-be vegetarians in the 70s and 80s. I love her books and I bet Jack Monroe will have a book or two to her name soon too!

So yesterday on my day off I visited banks...My 18 months of free banking with Hsbc has come to an end and I reckon bank charges will cost the shop an extra £30 plus a month.

 Having asked Hsbc for an extension on the free banking (No)I went to Nat West. No longer is there someone you can talk to behind a screen, in Nat West you have to phone the Chichester branch to speak to a business account person. I did so and after a quick chat was 'put through' to someone else. Well you hear the music and you wait...and wait...and eventually when you can't stand waiting any longer you put the phone down. 

En route to work I'll pop into Nationwide but it's a building society so not sure if they do business accounts. If not I'll try ringing the Nat West number again... 

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