Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Handmade buttons

Handmade buttons by Jenny Stacy.
Sorry this picture is blurry but the other ones I took yesterday were worse! I like the brightly coloured buttons but black and white and navy and white always sell best.

I am so happy to see the sun shining in a bright blue sky today. The weather has a definite effect on the number of visitors the shop gets.  Damp, snowy weather equals very few visitors. Crisp, bright, dry weather equals maximum shop visitors.
So I re-did the window and moved things round in the shop yesterday it being the former sort of weather.
 My mind is still full of textile images from the show last Friday. There's a danger in me allowing the shop to become too textile-y so I must choose carefully.

No workshop this afternoon but next week on Wednesday Pam Dew is teaching Hand Quilting following on from her workshop last week on Applique.  There are two places available at this workshop if anyone wants to join us, as two of last week's ladies can't do March 20th. Let me know. If you come into the shop this afternoon you'll probably see me trying to finish off my applique picture in readiness for next week's session.


Anonymous said...

I've re-instated the word verification test and it has stopped the spam and all genuine comments as well! So I'm just testing to see how hard it is to leave a comment now.Hmmm yes, almost impossible to read what the letters are...Jenny

Anonymous said...

continuing... But actually I guessed at the weird letters and it still published so you don't need to get all the letters right to leave a comment! Jenny