Monday, 11 March 2013

Promoting your business

Alison's knitwear is super colourful
Pictured is one of the business cards I brought home with me from the Contemporary Textiles show on Friday. 
I think it illustrates the importance of having good promotional aids for your business. Of the 18 business cards I have this is the one which tells me at a glance what she does. And cleverly she has her information on the front, not the back so you can't see the work without seeing who made it.

Spring is certainly dragging her feet this year! I can't believe it is snowing right now. I'm looking forward to a walk anyway. Maybe I'll see some brave spring flowers ... I'll take my camera!

By the way I'm happy to have had comments to my last post. It seems that taking out the word verification opened the floodgates. Most of the comments I got were spam and you only see the publishable ones here. So now I'm wondering whether it's better to have fewer quality comments with word verification or lots of spam to go through...

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