Friday, 1 March 2013

Felting again

A picture I found in a Victoria (US) magazine I'd  been saving.
 Yesterday I got this idea for a bracelet which involves making a few felt pieces and cutting them up. Which I'll do in a minute.

I just want to tell you about what I did last night. Just before closing I heard that a local pub runs an event where women running local businesses can meet and network and, if they like, have a table showing what they sell.  What a great idea! 

In the pub I met Katie showing racks of clothes she sells through her company Forget me Not; Jane Sims and the bags, corsages and cushions she makes and a lady selling her Pilates classes.  There were lots of women in the pub but I'd say they were friends meeting for  a drink rather than women wanting to network. I would not have felt comfortable handing out business cards.. But I'll go again and thank you Lottie who runs The George for hosting these monthly get-togethers.

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