Thursday, 14 February 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!

Handmade card by Jenny Stacy
Handmade Happiness saw more men than usual seeking something special to buy for their love. I can testify that they try really hard to buy the right thing that they think will please their partner. It's very hard to find the perfect gift. I think you have to be able to visualise the recipient wearing it/using it and that is not easy.

Looking back on presents I've received  I remember in particular a chess set and a lamp when I was a small child and as an adult a Black and Decker drill for my big Christmas present one year.  At the risk of sounding ungrateful I sometimes think with presents, I wish you'd given me the equivalent money instead... But a better attitude is - everything is a bonus. If one has no expectations of receiving anything at all then anything that comes our way will be an unexpected surprise and gratefully received!!
I hope you have a lovely romantic day.

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