Sunday, 24 February 2013

Talking about dolls

Handmade dolls by Jenny Stacy
I like making dolls. I like the fact that each one turns out differently. And most of all I like painting on the faces which again turn out so individually. That's the joy of handmade I guess that we humans aren't programmed to repeat ourselves and it's fun to experiment.
I'm thinking of dolls because I'm doing a doll making workshop in April and I've not done a workshop on dolls before.

Yesterday Kate Hackett drove over with lots more mugs, plates, jugs and Easter decorations in her lovely country style.  I am soooo pleased to have these in the shop. Picture to come.

And Sue Flux brought in some more hand spun yarn - thanks to her I was able to label her yarns with the breed of sheep they are from. The alpaca handspun is fantastically soft... Sue has also made some useful little bags of spun sari silks decorated with my handmade buttons.   These are just the job for carrying vital cash/ passport/ rail ticket on you without the weight of a handbag. Again picture to come.

That reminds me of a warning I had when I first lived in France. A French friend cautioned me to wear my handbag across my body on the other side of me from the kerb. She said otherwise someone could grab it from a moving car. Not sure how often this happened... but I've worn my handbag across my body ever since.

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