Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Doll dressing

I enjoyed knitting the jumper. The trousers are held in place pyjama style.
A close up of the jumper for cold weather. Doll by Jenny Stacy
 Yesterday I knitted this jumper for one of my new dolls. I was quite pleased with it. Crocheting on sleeves is quick and gives her style credit. Tara, my neighbour has asked me to make an adult version. Now that could take some time...

Beginners' Knitting is today 2-4pm. The weather being what it is I don't know how many will make it. If you want to join in give me a ring 01730 267711 from 10am at the shop.
Cost is £10 refreshments provided.

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Anonymous said...

Just a ps. I've just taught myself to knit as if I was left handed so I can now teach left handed people to knit. So don't be shy if you are left-handed come to the beginner's class and have fun learning. Jenny