Friday, 21 December 2012

Looking ahead to flowers

Another pic from the archives!
 Last night I wanted to take some flowers to a friend's house. 
But have you noticed that if you don't want a red pointsettia there isn't much else in the shops right now.
 My idea of luxury would be to have fresh flowers delivered to the house every week. I once nearly achieved this when I worked for Marks and Spencer for a while and staff could buy the out-of-date flowers for £1 a bunch. Then I always had flowers in the house. 
I think it's the one thing you can do to make a huge difference to the look of a room. Stick a vase of flowers in it and the room comes to life and looks so much better.

I'm looking forward to another busy day in the shop. Trouble is I don't have time to take new photos that's why, this week, you're seeing a few old ones. But today if I get in early I can take a few photos for tomorrow...


Carole C said...

I'm with you on the flowers,or to have a bowl of flowering bulbs in the house,like the glorious hyacinths in your pic.I braved the rain and mud this afternoon -yes,it's rubbish weather over here too :( to pick a little bunch of hellebores (christmas rose)some variegated leaves and something i can't identify,but it's got festive looking orangey-red berries,to make a small posy ;i like to find something to bring in from the garden or gleaned from hedgerows on walks and have small pots or glasses dotted around the place (shop bought flowers are very pricey here).
Hope you have a lovely busy time in the shop in the run-up to Christmas.
Wishing you a happy Winter Solstice, best wishes, Carole x

jenny said...

If you had a blog Carole I would love to read it! Thank you for the special Christmas card.x