Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Lots of little things - £3 or less

Kate Hackett's ceramic tree decorations - all £3; robin £2

Penny Baker's vintage fabric pack £2.50; Michelle Green's sheep £2.50; Kate's  Xmas pudding £2.50; star decoration  £2.50 and Eileen Brown's heart decoration £3-00.
 Sometimes I hear someone looking in the window of Handmade Happiness talking to their companion. 'Yes, it's a really nice shop but it's expensive.' Chances are the people who think it's expensive haven't actually been in to see for themselves.

 I like to have a range of handmade items in every price bracket and you can get a button or a wooden heart for just 25p. Some things are more like the rag rugs and the occasional quilt but months of hard work that have gone into making them so they should be more expensive.

 To show you that Handmade Happiness is a good  place to come for a child and his pocket money to do his Christmas shopping and for anyone wanting bits and pieces at very reasonable prices I'm going to show a selection of what the shop offers in all price ranges starting today with £3 and under - and I didn't include a button or a wooden heart. 


Anonymous said...

I'd make sure there's evidence of this price range from the outside, Jen. Lots of tiny presents for teacher etc being bought now. Hope to visit your shop one day. Best wishes, Anna x

jenny said...

Thanks for the reminder Anna. I'll make sure the prices are clear from the window. It would be lovely to see you at the shop one day.x