Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Knitted reindeer

Knitted reindeer by Natasha Rothschild
Reindeer have migrated into Handmade Happiness. I love these creatures designed and made by Natasha. I can imagine one being a treasured friend of a small boy at boarding school. They've got an old-fashioned, charming nostalgic look about them. And every one is different.

A while back I considered having advertising on this blog. Lots of blogs do and it brings in a small income. However I notice now that sometimes what I've researched comes up in advertisement form on the blogs I look at, which is irritating. Is it just a coincidence? Also some of these ads on blogs flash and jump about which distracts you from looking at the blog content.
Talking about other blogs I realise that I am rare in trying to put something new on my blog every day - of varying quality I realise!! Others who blog once a week or once a month still get hits from people like me checking in to see if they're written a new post yet. 


Chrissy said...

I love your blog - I check in every morning while I am having a cup of tea and really enjoy reading it. BTW, I left another message in reply to you about the bags but it hasn't appeared for some reason!

Pixie said...

I love popping into see what new has adorned 'handmade happiness', and these reindeer are a real treat...love em.x

jenny said...

Thank you, Chrissy and Pixie.

Sorry i didn't see your other message, Chrissy. Can you try again?
Btw did you call in to the shop on Saturday? I hope I didn't miss you.

Anonymous said...

The reindeer are back! My two have been hanging up all year I like them so much! xxx Sophie