Thursday, 8 November 2012

A day out...

All three floors. The top floor is behind the top red stripe.
Mary Kilvert's pretty stand
Halinka's fairy dolls
 Yesterday was ram packed with visitors at the Christmas Country Living fair. Were they looking or were they buying I wonder. Certainly it was so crowded that trying to look at stands on the mezzanine (or middle) floor was difficult as you were forced to move or rather not move at the pace of the crowd.
So much to see, you really want to go round at a run to do it in a day! 

 As usual the first-timer exhibitors' area is the darkest, most inaccessible place and these are the people that regular visitors like me are the most interested in. Why not encourage them to do the show again by giving them the best area, not the worst? But the best area is occupied by people that have been doing the show for years. I think most regular visitors want to be wowed by something they haven't seen before.

You know the lovely velvet coats photographed in the last post? They are made in the UK but there is no trade/wholesale price so it's not really possible for a shop to stock them. Shame. 
However the really good news is that Lizza and Jenna, lovely sisters who design and make the most beautiful knitwear are now going to be stocked by Handmade Happiness. As soon as the first parcel arrives you'll be hearing a lot more about them! I remember how blown away  I was when I first saw their stand at Country Living and I think you'll love their things too.

Yesterday I left the shop all day and fretted about it as if I'd been parted from my baby. I hurried back to be there before closing and it was like coming home to my own mini Country Living fair, only a lot more serene! 
More CL pics tomorrow.

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