Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Advent calendar

Advent calendar made  by Pam Dew in Handmade Happiness.
 Yesterday on my day off I did some of the jobs that accumulate when you can't get to them during the week.

 I chose photos for and ordered 400 new little business cards. I enjoyed a visit to the library where I found 'Art in Felt and Stitch'  by Moy Mackay which looks wonderfully inspiring and 'Vogue on Alexander McQueen'. Both are brand new books. Also 'Don't let's go to the dogs tonight' memories of a childhood in Africa by Alexandra Fuller. A fascinating read.
I shopped, that is I did the charity run but found nothing. I did find a really good gold felt tip in the art shop which will be useful for Christmas card making and some heavenly gold tissue paper with red,pink and orange flowers on by Caspari.

And I looked at a website www.damsonandslate.co.uk which promotes Welsh handmade beautifully. Damson and Slate is a bricks and mortar shop owned by Hilary Lowe, an interiors stylist. I am full of admiration and feel a bit small in comparison.

I think 'jobs' is the wrong word. A good 'job' on my day off would have been to spring clean the house. It needs it. The 'jobs' I chose were a lot more fun!

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