Saturday, 17 November 2012

Making paper bags

 Mandy who owns Wild Damson just gave me a large pile of old magazines. I use these to make bags which all smallish purchases are put into. It's easy to make the bags and I've shown many people since HH opened a year ago. 

You tear out an attractive page, I prefer one with little or no text on. You fold in the torn edge by about a centimetre and then overlap the left and right edges of the page by a couple of centimetres. Press it flat with your hands then fold up the bottom edge by about 2 centimetres. Then sellotape the two joins and catch the top join with a bit of sello too. Done. It only takes a minute. And it recycles a lot of magazines if you run a shop. Thanks Mandy.


Lynne Davidson said...

Oh Jenny, ever since I popped into your lovely shop I have been struggling with the desire to use magazine pages for envelopes as you do. I love the aesthetic and the ethic. I have resisted deconstructing the ones that my little bits of loveliness came in and now you have given out the recipe! I have had to cave in and make some and the satisfaction is huge. I dearly want to use them to put my own sales in and will happily credit you with the idea with every one that I use. But I will only use them for personal gifting if you are not happy for me to use them commercially.
Lynne in Liss

jenny said...

Lynne, please use the bags in whatever way you choose. And thank you for your lovely comment.