Wednesday, 28 November 2012

London shop windows

A Christian Laboutin shoe in Harrods window.
More eye candy for you.
Is this the kind of thing you like to see on a blog? 

When I look at other peoples' blogs I hope to see something inspiring in either the text or the picture. Something that makes me think. Something to make me go, 'Wow!' On a blog that doesn't receive comments it is hard to ascertain what people want to read and see. 

Looking at the history of this blog I can see that pictures of the clothes that Tricot Too used to sell are frequently looked at as are pictures of Fortnum and Mason's Christmas shop windows. Anything to do with hand made felt is massively popular. Nature shots not at all popular. How tos are quite popular perhaps I should do more of those. Then again perhaps I should stop wondering and have a blogging break. I might come back refreshed after a week off...


Chrissy said...

I love the idea of a pair of shoes in a display case - I own a beautiful pair of hand painted shoes that I rarely have the opportunity to wear so I have them on a shelf as they are a piece of art to me. Please don't stop blogging, I know if is hard when you don't get any feedback but I think it is a great tool to keep your shop in people's minds especially if they cannot visit often...if you stop blogging, how about selling on line????

Melanie said...

I enjoy your bright and interesting blog.
Your ideas and wisdom are always refreshing.
You seem to do what so many of us
only dream about and it's good to
hear about it.

jenny said...

I loved reading your comments Chrissy and Melanie. Thank you both.
I would like to start selling on line Chrissy. That is a project I intend to get to grips with after Christmas.