Friday, 30 November 2012

The versatility of clay...

Eileen Brown's ceramic shoes. A-maz-ing!
Vessels the colour of the sea by Roly Phillips; dragonfly by Eileen Brown; sea glass by Molly Smith and scarf by Rita Stamp.
Yesterday Eileen brought in more of her incredible ceramic shoes. So clever. (The one in the middle is scarlet, not the pinky colour of the photograph.)
When you compare the texture of the shoes with the ultra mat look of Roly's pots you can see the versatility of clay.
With people bringing in fresh work nearly every day at the moment there is much to wonder at in Handmade Happiness. 
I woke too early today and wrote an advent plan. If I manage to make what I plan to make in the shop today you'll see Day One tomorrow!!

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Anonymous said...

I've been away from my computer for a few days so it's a treat to come back to all your blogging (?)
The store looks wonderful and festive and old fashioned through the window. And I love a chance to see the London shop windows - so extravagant and elegant.
I also like the photos of the natural world when you post those.
Thanks for all the inspiration.