Saturday, 6 October 2012

Soft necklaces

Necklaces by Jenny Stacy. 
 One day I will employ someone to be in the shop for two days a week so that I can get on with making stuff at home.  That is my only frustration with running the shop. I don't seem to find time to make what I want to make.  On Wednesday (always the quietest day) I got a good start on a dozen angels, but on most days I am focussed on the customers or on re-arranging and cleaning the shop.  

Actually if I organised things differently I could make more in the shop. I try to make on the pay desk and my making can get in the way of wrapping purchases and taking money. So if I set up a work station away from the pay desk I could perhaps have craft materials and sewing machine out there and then leave what I was making to serve the customer. That's what I'll try to sort out today... Sorry it's a thinking aloud kind of post today.


Chrissy said...

I think it would be lovely to see you actually making some of the things that are sold - maybe some of the suppliers could do days when they are in the shop too so that customers could see the creative process...I know I would enjoy it...will you be having any sort of Christmas shopping event as I would definitely like to come to it especially if some of your designers will be there as it would be great to meet them all.

jenny said...

In the middle of November there'll be a late night opening with mulled wine and minced pies. You will definitely be invited to that.

I like the idea of meeting the makers. On any day other than Saturday I am making something in the shop... but I like your idea of having say a different maker a day demonstrating and manning the shop in the run up to Christmas. Will pursue that. Thank you.