Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Remembering Tricot Too

 Clothes by Lauren Vidal in Tricot Too's window.

Tricot Too was in Dragon Street, Petersfield where 'Duet' is now.  It sold the most unusual clothes. Layers of  leggings, soft t-shirts, skirts, jackets, tops and trousers often all worn together. 

In the front part of the shop were household items. Brightly coloured plates, washing up bowls that folded, scented water for ironing. All kinds of different, unusual bits and pieces. The owners sourced some of the stock in Copenhagen. Other things were from Belgium and France. It was an eclectic mix and from the first moment I visited I loved it. 

When I moved to Petersfield about 7 years ago I made things for various shops. I started making more and more for Tricot Too and through making for them got to know the owners. Eventually they offered me a job behind the counter and I was thrilled to work there until the day they closed in August 2011.

By then I planned to take over a shop across the street. Handmade Happiness owes a lot to Tricot Too.
HH customers often tell me how they miss it. And I draw a lot of inspiration from the time I spent in that unique shop. 

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