Monday, 15 October 2012

The Knitting and Stitching Show

Fairy decoration by Jenny Stacy
 It was crowded. It was such a crush that somehow my camera got bashed and wouldn't work. I charged up the battery this morning but have to accept that it still doesn't work. Ann-oy-ing.
So instead you've got a picture of one of the little fairies I'm making. This one looks a bit shy.

A word picture of the K & S show then:
It's big. Three halls. Trade hall for materials; exhibition area for art students' work; have a go area; exhibition area for well-known  textile artists and makers.

I saw a man's fisherman's jersey which morphed into a jacket half way down; colourfully embroidered mens' suits; twiddles of felt and ribbon called fairies; a lace and wire leaf and flower necklace; lots of knitted creatures.

I bought a small piece of indigo dyed stitch resist fabric from Changs textiles. A beautiful stand. I loved a New York store's stand of Japanese fine yarns and knitwear, so delicate, so different; I bought crinkled felt, a stack of hydrangea blues and lilacs and some matching dyed cheesecloth from 21st century yarns; a pot of gold wax paste from Art Van Go and a bag of dyed blanket bits in yummy clear colours from Madeleine Millington.
Hopefully you'll see photos of all those things very soon...  

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