Saturday, 13 October 2012

Lots of goodies

 In Handmade Happiness' window today are all these little gifts:

From the top down, left to right are:

Kate Hackett's heart mugs £16 each and Pixie's 'Scrap Sally' doll.
An embroidered 'Love' brooch by Karen Boller, £20; bluetit by Michelle Green,£24 and 'My fairy box' by me £5;
Painted face buttons by me £3.50 each; small house lino cut card by Jill Martin, £2; bird earrings by Kate Gunter, £8 and one of Kate Hackett's kitchen fairies, £5;
Karen Boller's embroidered and embellished cuff bracelet, £20 and dog brooch £9.50 with a sheet of old ladybird buttons.

Why not treat yourself? It is our birthday. Handmade Happiness is one year old today!

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carole said...

Hi Jenny
Happy 1st Birthday to Handmade Happiness.Hope this is the start of an amazing second year.Sorry i was a little premature with my 'happy birthday'comment last month -got it right this time :)
Best wishes from SW France and "Bon Weekend", Carole x