Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Knitting with 'Neighbours'

I have a confession: I am totally addicted to the Australian soap, Neighbours. To the extent that if the phone rings I wait til the break and dial 1471 and then ring the person back later. I don't watch any other soap. Only Neighbours. And while I watch I knit.

Currently I'm enjoying this scarf. 30 stitches across if you're interested. The pattern (feather stitch) has just the right level of complexity to keep my interest but not to get boring. I bought the wool at the Knitting and Stitching show a couple of years back. Two balls but can I find the other one? No. I will find it otherwise the scarf won't get finished.

Yesterday was Monday so after a morning making phone calls I headed for Chichester and C&H fabrics where I bought the disolveable film pictured and the bits of ribbon for autumnal display.
I went to the library there and got out three books: Clean Sweep - giving your home more than a once over by Alison Haynes. This is part of my personal campaign to make housework fun. So far the campaign has totally failed.
Simple Knits for little cherubs by Erika Knight.I think Erika's knitting and crochet books are the best.And:
Jottings by Liz Smith. The actress, who came to acting late in life, wrote down her observations on people and life. These short stories show her wry humour. V.enjoyable.

Oh yes, and probably of far more interest to my shop customers, I stopped by at Kate Hackett's house and picked up lots of her mugs, jugs and plates to replenish her display in Handmade Happiness. Pictures to follow.

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