Friday, 21 September 2012

Inspiring customers

Collage card by Jenny Stacy with bird  by Cavallini.

As the shop approaches its first birthday I'm thinking about what I've learned.

 First I think I'm very lucky to have found a shop with parking outside with lots of passing traffic. Not too many people walking past but lots of people driving past. People say 'I've been driving past your shop for weeks and keep meaning to come in.' When they do come in they usually love it.
 Secondly I have a nice landlady who used to run an art gallery in Petersfield and therefore understands retail. And I couldn't have better shop neighbours than Tara Interiors and Wild Damson.
Handmade Happiness now represents around 35 makers, giving the shop a huge variety of work to inspire others.
This inspiration thing is a bit of a two edged sword. It's lovely when visitors come in and rave about how wonderful everything is. Sometimes they say they're going to go home and make something. 
But it's slightly annoying when people take pictures without asking. And some  lookers  come in just to find ideas for themselves. They don't buy anything at all. And if they want shops like HH to continue being a source of inspiration for them they have to occasionally buy something - even if it's only a card. Fair enough?

The shop also has lovely regular customers who say HH will be their 'one stop Christmas shop'. Music to my ears!
I want the shop to be truly magical this Christmas. The theme is Christmas through a child's eyes. Wonder and awe and colour and sparkle.
So if any of you 35 makers (and the number grows each week) are reading this can you make with that thought in mind? Come into the shop and talk. It would be nice to see you.

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