Thursday, 13 September 2012

Selfridges goes dotty

Outside the store - it's Yayoi Kusama.
Inside the store - it's Yayoi Kusama again.
In Selfridges windows the lady multiplies.
 I must admit I don't know an awful lot about this Japanese artist. But it's clear she has invented the dot judging by these pictures. And she has produced a range of clothes and handbags for Louis Vuitton all with lots of dots.

By the way this is my 1,000th blog post. 
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Otherwise writing a commentless blog is like throwing small stones down a bottomless well.

Tomorrow I'll show you the cards I've been making this week.


Lindsey Agostinelli said...

Always love reading your blogs Jenny. Just wish I could get round to doing mine on a daily basis!!!

jenny said...

Thanks Lindsey.