Thursday, 30 August 2012

Pretty finds

 At the moment there's not enough time for stopping and staring. I used to stop and stare in charity shops and at car boot sales a lot. If I was very lucky I'd find something like this for a pound or two. The cup is too small and delicate to be useful but I often use the pretty side plate.
Over the years I've gathered a real mish- mash of crockery. Very little matches but I like it that way. My parents had a best dinner service, an everyday set of plates, bowls, cups etc. and a tea service. Do other people still have matching sets? What do you have?

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Lindsey said...

Yes Jenny I do have a matching dinner set, but that is only used at Christmas, when the house is full of family, a bit like the Waltons!!!
My every day crockery is a mish mash of blue & white picked up from car boots or charity shops & I love it. If any pieces get broken I need not worry too much because it didn't cost too much, & I just mooch round another car boot or charity shop to replace it.