Saturday, 25 August 2012

Delphiniums and art

 Yesterday someone was selling delphiniums from their nursery gardens in the town square. Two bunches for £4. Irresistible. 
Early mornings on Fridays I usually just manage to buy the last bunch of sweet peas sold by the Petersfield Plants ladies in St Peter's Road on my way in to work.

Last night I went to the preview of Petersfield Artists annual show in the Town Hall. 
Of the craft I particularly like the woven scarves and beautifully knitted socks by Carole Keats.  And there are some great paintings.

 Look out for pictures by Susan Colyer, Wendy Larken, Elizabeth Robinson, PA Langmead, Caroline Hawkey, John Robinson, George Hatton, Jean Mallows, Stephanie Morgan, GW Gascoigne, Carol Ellen and Pete Johnstone.

Why do we prefer some pictures to others? To some extent we think what would I be happy to live with in my house? And it's frustrating when a great picture is spoiled by a not so great frame.  So partly it's a matter of personal taste. But don't we also recognise when a painting is so perfectly executed it just looks 'right'.

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